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In keeping with recommendations from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, both elective consultations AND elective surgeries are now re-opened

Initial consultation and follow up

These may be either in-person or over the phone.  If you have... 

An in-person consultation set up but would prefer a telephone consult


 If you are higher risk or are worried about Covid transmission


If you have signs or symptoms of Covid 19 

you will be able to connect with Dr. Lutz virtually if needed.  Call our office for details


Joint Injections

Dr Lutz will be doing joint injections at SCH (limited numbers still, unfortunately) and in his office (for the cost of supplies).  If you feel you fit these needs please contact Angela at (306) 244-5561



All patients coming for consultation require a mask and should be symptom-free.

It is still very difficult to guess the length of the waitlist both for initial consultation and ALSO for an operation, BUT, when we have a date for you we will contact you!

Updated Information

Often when you have a virtual consult it will be over the telephone HOWEVER some consults (such as a post-op check) may need a video platform.  If this is the case please follow the directions below to access his virtual office.


Virtual Appointments with Dr.Lutz

Important information:

  • If Dr. Lutz or Angela have called you to arrange a time for a virtual appointment, you will need to download an app to your cell phone, iPad or computer before your appointment. Don't worry, we will guide you through it!  


Go to the App store on your mobile device...

iPhone - Apple Store

Android - Google Play


Find the Search option and type in PEXIP


After it downloads OPEN the App and Click


"Join Meeting as a guest



  • "Join room as a guest"


  • Your name in the "Display Name" field

  • Enter the "conference code" - Dr Lutz or Angela will give you this

  • click "Join Room"


Allow Pexip to access your video and microphone by clicking...

  • Video Call

  • Ok to access microphone

  • Ok to access video


You will then be in the waiting room of Dr. Lutz's virtual office.  Please wait there until he is able to join you.  



You may want to rotate your phone or iPad.

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