If you have any problems with your knee or hip replacement, I will see you at any time for review.  If it has been more than a year since seeing me it is best to check in with your family physician first as they are the gate keepers for the health care system.  

If your joint replacement is working well it is still good to see me in review every ten years.  This way we can repeat an x-ray and make sure that the bearing surface is adequate.

Common Questions and Answers

What activities can I do following a joint replacement?

There have been many studies reviewing activites that may be performed after a joint replacement. One study suggested you may return to activities such as doubles tennis but not singles tennis due to the amount of running involved. The truth is, return to sport and function will be different for everyone. It will depend on your weight, your strength and how familiar you are with the activity. Here are some general suggestions... Try to avoid high energy activities as this will cause your joint replacement to wear out sooner. Running and jumping activities are generally not suggested. Higher impact activities such as skiing and non contact hockey can be resumed after proper rehab however you put yourself at a higher risk for fracture and early wear. Many of my patients still find it worth the risk but you should be careful when engaging in these activities. Low impact activites such as light to moderate weight lifting, golfing, hiking etc. can (and should) be resumed when you are strong enough. Keeping a strong core and keeping your weight down are vital for the survival and function of your joint replacement.

What is the most important thing to do post joint replacement?

Achieve and maintain a normal weight! Excess weight (or a high BMI) puts excessive force through the hip and knee and can cause pain and dysfunction and will lead to early wear and/or loosening of the components. Excess weight also increases your risk of infection in the joint replacement and if you get an infection in the joint replacement it is a terrible complication! Finally, maintaining a normal weight is very important not only for your joint replacement but also for you overall health.